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What is Racetimer?

Racetimer has a solid background in organizing and timing large running events and we were not at all satisfied with the timing systems available. After talking to several other major organizers, Racetimer was founded in the fall of 2004. We knew we could create something much better. Now we are done.

The Technology

The Racetimer system is very different from other systems on the market. We use a much higher frequency which gives us several magnitudes higher read speeds, enabling us to handle high densities of runners – an absolute requirement when tracking individual start times.

Retail giant Wal-Mart and the US Department of Defense have been backing the development of this technology, pushing for low prices. In order to ensure ourselves of high quality RFID tags we cooperate with market leading tag producers.

The Tag

Simplicity is the key to success. The tag is integrated with the bib and the runner doesn’t have to return it. Organizers have many advantages as well, such as no separate bib and tag handling, no collection of tags after the race and no cost for missing ones. In other words: No hassle and happy runners.

Promotional Video Clips

Runners can see themselves cross the finish line in a personal video clip. This service is free of charge for all participants. Commercial spots in the video clips create an excellent opportunity for organizers to generate additional profit by increasing exposure for their potential sponsors and partners.

The free video clip is not possible to download. However, the runner can purchase a long high resolution video clip, delivered through online download or as a DVD. All versions of the video clip contain a promotional intro to the race.

Live Results

Racetimer offers results live at the event on eight or more large monitors, scaled to meet the requirements of the organizer. The participants gather in large crowds to see their results, creating a great atmosphere at the event. Sponsors and partners are also shown on the monitors, giving them even more exposure.

To Summarize

Sports timing for us isn’t just about taking the time. It’s about satisfying the runners.

We give the runners:

  • Live results – at the event and on the internet
  • No hassle with chip handling
  • Extras such as personal video clips

The advantages for the organizer are:

  • Satisfied runners
  • No chip handling
  • Profit from video commercials

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