Are you interested in being our partner in your European country – or in Scandinavia – let us know!

If you have the customers (organizers of races), we have a reliable and simple timing- and online sign up system. We own about 50 % of all time keeping in Sweden each year.

  • We time about 150 races each year – from 5K up to Marathon including six Marathons in Finland.
  • We time Scandinavia´s biggest marathon event in Norway– Oslo Maraton – with 26 500 participants.
  • We time Sweden´s biggest running event (10K) – Tjejmilen in Stockholm – with 35 000 ladies participating.
  • And our partners in Holland and Ireland have more than 100 races each, every year.

We do time a lot of small races too. About 75 % of all races have less than 800 participants. We work on a wide spectrum and have done so, for more than 10 years.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in being a partner!